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Move your training to digital for your entire team in the aviation industry. Make the training you organize according to different goals accessible to your global team. Provide effective and continuous online training for a lower budget. Discover how Vedubox supports the development of employees in the aerospace industry.

Move your corporate training to digital with Vedubox.


Build your course in minutes.

Create your personalized online course for your organization for multiple employees now. Upload your existing educational content to the system or produce new content with Vedubox. Register users and start training corporate company employees online in minutes.


Bring all your tutorials together.

Don’t bother with multiple platforms, apps, and email traffic. Organize and bring together all your educational resources on one platform. Make your categorized training available to relevant employees whenever you want, simplify online aviation industry training.


Follow the progress of the employees.

Easily report employee training attendance, courses and assignments completed, and success and progress. Easily track each user with the reporting and analysis module. If you wish, encourage your successful employees by giving them certificates.


Easy to use, provide easy access.

Start providing online aviation industry training with a user-friendly interface that all your employees can learn quickly. Empower your employees to align training with their workflow with content that they can access from different devices at any time.

Meet a brand new Online Education concept

Easy, fast and flexible solution for your distance education needs. Try this innovative Training Platform with the best features now!

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