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Create Interactive Trainings and Events on Metaverse with Vedubox

Create experience-based trainings with Vedubox’s Metaverse module which is developed by using the most advanced and up-to-date technological infrastructures.

Let the participants create their own ecosystem; offer them a rich and efficient interactive learning opportunity.

What’s in Vedubox’s Metaverse Modul?

  •  Opportunity to create your own 3D Avatar
  •  Combining learning experience with virtual reality
  • Organizing Virtual Expos and Events
  • Providing products, services, and learning materials as multimedia and virtual reality environment
  • Creating a learning journey for participants and students in the virtual world of interactive education
  • Using communication features such as chat and video conferencing

What are the benefits of Vedubox’s Metaverse Module for companies?

  • Unlimited experience chance for high-risk trainings using virtual reality 
  • Encourage communication with the creation of online working environments together
  • Fun and enhanced learning experience with game-based activities
  • Eliminating the disadvantages of distance education with headsets, VR glasses and similar technologies
  • Enabling communities to have better social interactions
  • Global market expansion and reaching global customers

Areas of Usage of Vedubox’s Metaverse Module

Metaverse Events

Metaverse Carrier Expos

Metaverse Galleries and NFTs

Metaverse Schools, Offices and Cities

Metaverse Festivals

Metaverse Shopping Malls

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