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Top 8 Courses In Online Tutoring

We no longer need a physical class or many books to acquire new skills or improve ourselves. Thanks to the online tutoring platforms, we can now access any course we are interested in from anywhere, anytime.

But what courses attract students more on online tutoring platforms? What are the popular courses for online tutoring?


1- E-Commerce Courses

With the digitalization of our world, trade has also started to digitalize. Only the number of people who shop on the internet in Turkey reached 39.3 million. The annual amount spent is $11.3 billion. E-Commerce is one of the most significant sectors that attract the attention of both companies and people.

Many small and large businesses need e-commerce sites to sell their products or services. These sites have also become an opportunity for many people to create their own economy.

Many people who want to move their shop to digital or want to improve themselves in e-commerce have started to take e-commerce courses online. This trend has made e-commerce one of the most popular courses today.

2- SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Courses

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become one of the popular courses of online tutoring platforms since it has become a useful digital marketing tool. Every company, webmaster, or content writer seeks to understand what SEO is, how it works, and the potential traffic it can generate for websites.

Nowadays, the interest in SEO courses on the internet has increased with the emergence of people who can be called SEO experts. SEO, which is a demanded talent in recruitment, will undoubtedly continue to remain one of the most popular courses of our time, as long as search engines exist.

3- WordPress – Web Design Courses

More than 60 million people around the world use WordPress. 34% of blogs, e-commerce, and news sites on the internet are WordPress-based. This software, which is behind all the web projects we encounter in daily life, has become a popular course content of today.

Nowadays, because people are choosing WordPress to start blogging, building a personal site, building a corporate website, or building an e-commerce site, an excellent WordPress course will make mean a lot.

Another topic that is as interesting as WordPress in the world is web design in general. Websites, which have become the digital identities of corporations or individuals, are still seen as the most critical medium for communication, promotion, and sales. So web design courses are always followed with great interest.

4- Language Courses

With the development of technology, our worlds have begun to connect more than ever. According, the need for a foreign language increased rapidly. Only in Turkey, millions of people work are looking for ways to learn English for reasons related to traveling and business life.

It is possible to see the contents of foreign language education everywhere, including the most popular mobile applications, the most-watched Youtube videos, etc. Language courses will undoubtedly take place in today’s popular courses for a long time.

5- Game and Mobile App Development Courses

The total annual revenue for games and mobile applications exceeded $500 billion. These areas, once used as venture capital, are now one of the most reliable markets. These markets, which will continue to grow in the coming years, started to attract people’s interest as well.

Game and mobile application development courses are among the most widely offered courses on globally-known platforms. And people’s interest in the profession of the future seems to continue for a long time.

6- Machine Learning Courses

Concepts such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep learning began to take place in our lives. Especially machine learning has become a vast business area. Behind the many web/mobile applications we encounter in everyday experience lies a machine learning.

For example, Facebook knows what to show us in the time tunnel, thanks to machine learning. Amazon decides which products, and Netflix which movies to offer, with this algorithm.

Given that this technology will lead our era along with artificial intelligence, people’s interest in machine learning courses seems to continue for many years, just as game and mobile application development.

7- Entrepreneurship Courses

Entrepreneurship became the spirit of our age after technology initiatives like Facebook, Google, and Twitter became the most expensive companies in the world in a very short time. Nowadays, everyone wants to be an entrepreneur, and interest in entrepreneurship courses has increased.

Startup owners, who want to start their own business or to find an investment for the initiative are considering to participate in entrepreneurship training. These developments make entrepreneurship one of the most popular courses in the online tutoring industry.

8- Photoshop – Graphic Design Courses

During the digital age, visual materials have become the main products of the business world. Accordingly, the need for people with graphic design skills is on the rise. In the past, talents sought only in art directors are now essential in social media, content writing, and many other businesses.

Besides, visual disciplines such as photoshop, video editing, illustration, etc. are not used only for business purposes, but they are also popular as hobbies. In today’s world, where lifelong learning makes people more prosperous, happier, and better equipped, the popularity of graphic design courses is increasing.

Which Online Tutoring System Should You Choose?

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